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Fred & Fun is made for everyone!

Inclusion is a goal in everything I make. It’s why I make games that support as many people as possible, of as wide an age-range as possible. It’s also why I strive to keep this site fully accessible.

I’ve tried to build everything here to conform to WCAG 2.2, level AA, which should allow everyone to use every bit of it.

The Games Too

I also try to make my games as accessible as I can too. I take things like color contrast, colorblindness, and low vision into account as best I can.

But Things Aren’t Perfect

I’ll note that some of the rule sheets do feature tiny text, but every set of rules are available on this site as a PDF that you can zoom to your heart’s content.

Also, I try to avoid heavy memory loads with my games. That means that none of my games are especially deep… but that’s OK. They’re mostly mint tin games. They’re intended to be quicker diversions while you’re out and about.

Find a Problem?

It’s a result of being human and not one of malice. So let’s fix it!

Send me an email describing what’s going wrong, or ping me on Mastodon and I’ll get back to you.