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I respect your privacy. This site collects nothing about you.

Like, Nothing?

Yeah. Nothing. I don’t use analytics. I don’t track who is doing what. There’s a reasonable chance that no one has ever read this page, and I created it for absolutely no reason. I have no idea. Oh well. Worth it.

So How Do You Do Marketing?

Poorly. I hate marketing and I hate advertising. People shouldn’t feel like their lives are incomplete because they don’t own something. I have this site to show people my work.

If you buy something, awesome!
If you don’t, also awesome!

Not tracking you is probably bad for business, which might matter if I was doing any of this to make money. But I’m not. I’m here to make fun.

I Still Have Questions

Yeah? Send me an email or write to me on Mastodon and I’ll write you back.