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  • 2–5 Players
  • 25ish Minutes

Look, it was a weird time.

The game’s container, a custom-printed mint tin

Call it the remnants of a pandemic project. Call it a midlife crisis. Whatever you call it, a lot of people suddenly got a lot of chickens. And of course you joined in!

But you’re not here to have a couple of chickens. Anyone can have some chickens. You’re here to have the most chickens. You’ve got 3 rounds to gather all the chickens you can.

Chickens! is a chicken-collecting card game for 2–5 players.

A row of happy chickens, livin’ life to the fullest.

How to Play

Collect the most chickens over 3 rounds to win.

Your Yard

Collect chickens by adding them to your yard. Each player’s yard starts off as an empty row on the table in front of them. In 2–3 player games, yards have 5 available spaces. In 4–5 player games, they have 4 spaces.

An empty yard, with room for 5 cards.
This is a yard in a 2–3 player game.

The Cards

There are 8 types of cards in the game.

  • A 3 Chickens card

    Chickens add 1–6 Chickens to a yard.

  • A Dog Poop card

    Dog Poops take up space in a yard.

  • A Hose card

    Hoses remove Dog Poop from a yard.

  • A Fox card

    Foxes eat smaller Chicken cards.

  • An Inspector card

    Inspectors take bigger Chicken cards.

  • A Softball card

    Softballs stop Foxes & Inspectors.

  • A Yoink! card

    Yoinks steal Chickens to your yard.

  • A Tornado! card

    The Tornado fully clears out a yard.

Plays Over Quick Turns

Players take turns drawing a card into their hand, then either playing or discarding a card from their hand. You can play cards to your yard, or into someone else’s.

You’ll generally play Chicken and Hose cards to your own yard. Dog Poops, Foxes, Inspectors, and the Tornado! get used on others’ yards.

Use Yoink! cards on others to move 1 of their Chicken cards to your yard. Keep Softballs in your hand, just in case.

Ending a Round

The round ends once someone’s yard is full of just Chicken cards. (Note that the player who ends the round may not be the player with the most chickens!)

Everyone then counts the chickens in their yard to get their score for the round.

Winning the Game

After 3 rounds of chicken collecting, the player with the most total chickens across all 3 rounds wins!

The “Tick Tock” Variant

Wanna tighten the game a little? Instead of playing until someone’s yard is full of chickens, the round can also end when the main deck runs out. This ticking time-bomb means you’ve gotta make do with what you get, and strategically save the right cards for your last turns.

Fun, Quick & Portable

This game comes in a mint tin, which makes it easy to take with you. You’ll be chicken-pickin’ all over the place!

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