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A set collection competition of royal one-uppery.

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A butler, looking suave yet nonplussed


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  • 2–6 Players
  • 25ish Minutes

Hear ye! Hear ye! The kingdom’s a bit tight on money.

The game’s container, a custom-printed mint tin

You there! Go impress the local rich patrons without making us look too… desperate. You know what they love? Intrigue.

Who’s the least important person you can send that’ll still steal the show? Kings are easy, but what if that gossipy Fool shows up? And where’d all these Butlers come from?

Come to Call is a set collection competition for 2–6 players.

How to Play

The first player to score enough favor points after stealing the show wins.

Each round, you’ll take turns trying to make sets in your hand of 7 cards. A set is a Butler, plus 2 or more Kings, Queens, Heirs, Diplomats, or Fools. These sets are the people you can send to try and steal the show.

Butler card, plus a King, Queeen, Heir, Diplomat, and Fool card.

Pick your delegation strategically. The more powerful the set, the fewer favor points it scores if it wins (shown in its heart icon).

Come to Call

You only have until someone plays the second Hear Ye! of the round. Players then come to call, where everyone secretly chooses the sets they’ll send to the show.

Use Wild cards to make sets even bigger.

A Wild card and a Hear Ye! Card

Use Booster Cards

Each of the 5 main card types have 2 special booster cards somewhere in the deck.

The double card counts as 2 of that type when you’re measuring set size.

The and-a-half card lets your set win any ties it faces at the show.

A double queen card, and a diplomat-and-a-half card.

Steal the Show

Everyone now reveals their sets. Discard all identical sets sent to the show — how gauche! — as well as all but the largest set of each type. (Remember those and-a-half card? Those come into play here!)

The most intriguing set left steals the show:

  • Kings beat Queens, Heirs, Diplomats, and most Fools
  • Queens beat Heirs, Diplomats, and most Fools
  • Heirs beat Diplomats, and most Fools
  • Diplomats beat most Fools
  • Fools generally beat no one, except they beat everyone if someone else still has Kings at the show, and the Fool’s set is the same size or larger
Reference guide on the bottom of set cards
Most cards have a reminder of who beats what at the bottom.

Score the Round

Heart icon, showing 2 points Whoever stole the show scores the favor points in their winning set’s heart. Also, any set of 5 or more not discarded at the show scores bonus favor points. (The bigger the set, the bigger the bonus.)

Check for the Win

If the player who stole the show has enough total favor points (based on player-count), they win! You must steal the show to win. Otherwise, shuffle up and play another round. Keep going until someone wins!

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