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Rolling for sweet treats & happy campers.

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A smiling camper, with orange hair and green eyes.


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  • 2–6 Players
  • 25ish Minutes

Yum, yum, yum! Sugar, sugar, sugar!

The game’s container, a custom-printed mint tin

Your campers have been extra good, so you’ve promised them goodies from the dessert stand as a reward… but they have so many requests.

Fulfill their wishes as best you can while watching out for others who are trying to do the same. Their special abilities might end up blocking you out.

Dicey Delights is a dice-rolling game of fulfillment for 2–6 players.

Rows of bright, smiling camper faces.
Good morning, campers! Who wants a treat?

How to Play

The player with the most points after last call wins.

Score points by fulfilling your campers’ requests. The more things you grab from their lists, the more points you’ll score.

Fulfill Camper Requests

Campers can request brownies, cupcakes, pie, cookies, doughnuts, and ice cream.

Three dessert dice, showing a roll of brownies, cupcakes, and cookies.

Roll the dessert dice up to 3 times each turn to fulfill as many requests as you can. The more you match, the more you score.

The six desserts: donut, brownie, cupcake, pie, ice cream, and cookie.

Gain Special Abilities

Match nothing on a card? You can cash it in for its special ability instead.

These abilities can score you bonus points, skip someone’s turn, steal others’ points, and more!

Tito’s requests, featuring a special ability called 'Crumb Collector,' where the player scores a point each time someone else cashes in a card for its ability.

Last Call!

Once someone scores 40 points, it’s last call at the dessert stand, where everyone gets 1 last chance to win it all!

The player with the most points after last call earns the title of coolest counselor at camp.

A card showing 'Campers, it’s last call.'

Variants Add to the Fun

Once you’re familiar with the base game, add variants to the game to mix things up:

  • Chain Reactions let you use 3-of-a-kinds to score and restart your turn, as many times as you can pull it off.
  • Lucky Snags let you use amazing first rolls to score all 3 cards instead of the standard 2. Fortune (sometimes) favors the bold.
The 2 variant cards: 1 showing the rules to Chain Reactions, the other showing the rules to Lucky Snags.

Easy to Learn, Fun to Play

This game’s mechanics are simple and familiar, but between trying to fulfill multiple requests at once while trying to connect abilities with scoring, there’s more strategy than meets the eye.

And since this all fits in a convenient little mint tin, you can roll for desserts no matter where you get the itch to play.

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Don’t fret! The quality is great and their service is solid. Still have questions? Hit me up. Otherwise…

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