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Push your luck at the town-wide egg hunt!

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An empty wicker basket, with painted eggs leaning against it.


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  • 2–6 Players
  • 25ish Minutes

The town-wide egg hunt is on!

The game’s container, a custom-printed mint tin

You’ve got time for 6 stops to find and collect as many Eggs as you can. Load up an armful to bring back to the safety of your Egg pile.

Think you can grab a few more? Go for it! But don’t get too greedy, or you might drop everything you’re holding.

Egg Roll! is a push-your-luck dice game for 2–6 players. Fun for both kids and adults!

How to Play

Whoever has the most Eggs in their pile at end of 6 rounds wins! Each player takes 1 turn per round.

Hunting for Eggs

On your turn, you’ll roll the 5 green dice. Each is different, with sides ranging from 0 to 3 Eggs.

Roll until you get at least 1 Egg, then count the Eggs on your dice. These go in your armful.

You now have a choice. You can either:

  • Stop here and score these Eggs. Add your Eggs to the safety of your pile, ending your turn.
  • Or push your luck. Roll all dice again. If you roll more Eggs, add them to your armful and make this choice again. Roll no Eggs and you bust, dropping everything in your armful. Your turn ends and you score nothing.
The 5 green dice, some showing eggs, others not
Looks like someone just rolled 4 Eggs.

Using Your Basket

Your basket can save you from busts! Before re-rolling, you can move your current armful of Eggs into your basket. These Eggs are now are safe. If you bust later this turn, you’ll still score the Eggs in your basket.

But they don’t make’em like they used to. Baskets are one-time-use, and you can’t add more Eggs to them once they’re set.

Basket card

Switch It Up With Variants

Want a little more than the base game? No problem! This game comes with 6 variants that you can add 1 at a time, all at once, or as many as you’d like:

The Race to 40

Play to 40 Eggs instead of 6 rounds. All players then get 1 final turn to try and stage the ultimate comeback.

The Short Game

Play fewer rounds or up to fewer Eggs for a faster experience. Great for games with high player counts.

The Great Egg-Off

A simple way to break ties if multiple players finish the game with the same size piles.

The Backup Basket

On any turn after you’ve used your basket, if your first roll comes up with no Eggs, you get your basket back.

The Risky Business

The risky business die, showing 2x.

Add in a 6th die that can double the Eggs you find, but can also cancel them out.

The Half-Bust

Only drop half your Eggs instead of all of them when you bust. Great for young players.

Each has a variant card to put on the table so everyone knows the variants in play. These cards also remind players of how each one works.

Fun For All Ages

Egg Roll! is simple enough for kids to pick up, but its variants make it a fun, interesting game for grown-ups too. There’s strategy in every turn, and everyone always has a chance for an amazing come-from-behind win on their last roll.

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