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A tiny game of spinning cards & gesturing hands.

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A stripped-down version of the game’s board, 8 rounded triangles arranged in a circle.


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  • 3–8 Players
  • 10ish Minutes
The game’s container, a custom-printed envelope

Yoink! I’ll be taking those… 0 points!?

You’ve got 10 rounds to spin the game to your favor. Steal points from your neighbors, and double your points at just the right moment.

This entire game takes place on just 1 single card. The game board is on one side, the rules are on the back. And since it’s ridiculous to pay for just a single card, $7 instead gets you 18 full copies of this game.

How the Tables Have Turned is a teeny tiny game for 3–8 players.

How to Play

Collect the most points over 10 rounds to win.

But before you can start collecting points, you’ll need to grab a couple things from the space around you:

  • Pen & paper to keep score
  • 3 pennies per player

(Or any coin. Any type of marker, really. We’ll call’em Pennys here.)

Setting Things Up

Give everyone 3 Pennys, choose someone to keep score, and someone else to be the first caller.

Spin the game card to set the card’s starting position. Adjust it so that each arrow points to its nearest player.

The game card, showing 8 rounded triangles in a circle. The triangles have varying points from 0–4.

Starting the Round

The caller calls, “3, 2, 1, go!” at which point all players make a hand gesture representing their play for the round. Movement gestures are free to play, but action gestures cost a Penny each:

Movement Gestures

  • A right hand, pointing 1 finger to the left.

    Rotate the card 1 space clockwise.

  • A right hand, pointing 2 fingers to the left.

    Rotate the card 2 spaces clockwise.

  • A left hand, pointing 1 finger to the right.

    Rotate the card 1 space counterclockwise.

  • A left hand, pointing 1 finger to the right.

    Rotate the card 2 spaces counterclockwise.

Action Gestures

  • A right hand, making a claw to the left.

    Steal points pointing to player on your left from their score.

  • A left hand, making a claw to the right.

    Steal points pointing to player on your right from their score.

  • A hand putting two figures straight out, touching the table.

    Score double the points facing you.

  • An open hand pointing straight ahead, with its non-thumb edge on the table.

    Block a steal: score points facing you or them. Block nothing: lose points facing you.

You only get 3 Penny.s for the whole game, and they’re not worth anything at the end, so be sure to spend’em, but do so wisely!

Ending the Round

Resolve all movement, then score the round.

Those playing a movement score the points pointing towards them. Those playing an action pay a Penny., then score as their gesture indicates.

And… that’s the round. If this was the 1st through 9th round, rotate the caller role and do it again, with the card starting at its current rotation.

Otherwise, whoever has the most points wins! If there’s a tie… make up your own tie-breaker. Or split the victory!

The Single Card Challenge

I made this game for The Game Crafter’s Single Card Challenge. In that, the whole game needed to be a single card… but that doesn’t make financial sense when it comes to selling the game. Thus, this 18-pack.

(I did add a nice envelope to keep’em all together.)

Print & Play It For Free

If $7 for 18 copies too still steep for ya, you can always print and play this game for free. Grab the file right here.

Available Now at The Game Crafter

I publish my games on-demand at The Game Crafter. That means no waste, and no boxes sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Perfect for how many games I sell!

But it also means:

  • Each copy costs more to produce
  • It takes a little time to make your copy
  • Shipping isn’t free (though it’s only a couple bucks)

Don’t fret! The quality is great and their service is solid. Still have questions? Hit me up. Otherwise…

Buy Now for $7 Plus Shipping

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